Story Laboratory


Welcome to the Story Laboratory! This is where I share drafts from various prompts and writing challenges, fish for feedback, and then head back to the drawing board with everything I learn in the comments. You can find links to my experiments below, organized by genre and length.

Put on your goggles and lab coats. It’s going to be messy! Tell me what you really think. Be as mean or as nice as you like, I’ve got thick skin (and an even thicker skull!)


Gravedigger – 1500 words

Tentacles – 800 words

Singe – 800 words

Loss – 1000 words (#BlogBattle February)

Dusk – 1000 words (#BlogBattle March)

Shift – 1000 words (#BlogBattle April)

Wasps – 1200 words

Tide Pools – 500 words

Fantasy/Comedy/General Fiction

Bubbles – 1000 words

Buy or Sell – 750 words

Cheesemaker – 2500 words

Bridge – 1200 words

Popcorn – 1000 words

Crow – 800 words


Nightclub – 2000 words

Ice Skates – 1000 words