Flash Fiction and Short Stories


Here is a running list of the flash fiction and short stories that I post on my blog, with word counts and genres, so readers can quickly find something to suit their tastes and allotted reading time. I will be updating frequently!

Horror/Slipstream/Weird Fiction

“Queen of the Castle” (Horror/Slipstream 1200 words)
“The Hollow” (Horror, 1500 words)
“Showstopper” (Slipstream, 1000 words)
“Making Suds” (Fairy Tale, 1000 words)
“Mycelium” (Slipstream, 1800 words)
“The Foxhole” (Horror, 1000 words)
“Castles on the Strand” (Slipstream, 1200 words)
“Jumper” (Horror, 1000 words)
“Cthulhu Rising” (Horror/Slipstream, 900 words)
“Singe” (Horror, 1000 words)
“Ocean Things” (Slipstream, 500 words)

Action/Thriller/Science Fiction

“Via Ferrara” (Mystery, 1000 words)
“Tongue Tied” (Sci-Fi, 2500 words)
“The Midwife” (Thriller, 1000 words)
“Splitter” (Action/Adventure, 1000 words)
“The Water Tower” (Post-Apocalyptic, 2500 words)
“Hagfire” (Science Fiction, 2000 words)

General Fiction/Fantasy/Humour

“Cheese-Head” (Fairy Tale, 2500 words)
“Park Date” (General Fiction, 300 words)
“Blood and Bells” (Fantasy, 750 words)
“Children of the Veil” (Fantasy, 1200 words)
“To Catch a Crow” (Slipstream/Dark Comedy, 750 words)
“Pi in the Sky” (Comedy, 1000 words)


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