“A Just World” by Darren deToni

“Has my driver been in touch?” said Neame, propping up the far-right corner of the Buffett Bar.

It was the Playman Club of London’s annual Halloween party and the night’s festivities were beginning to bubble. Playgirls in black and orange wandered in twos, and the sound of an 80s horror soundtrack mingled with the chatter of the early birds. Sir Rex Neame was making a call whilst checking himself in the mirror, screwed to the wall behind a row of optics.

“What was that? He’s not interested? Get him here now and make sure that piece of,” Neame checked around him and then continued in a lowered tone, “filth doesn’t kick up a fuss outside… 10 minutes is good, and make sure he has a drink. Goodbye.”

Neame slid the phone into the breast pocket of his blazer, greased back his hair, then rearranged his tie. Tap-tap came the sound of a firm hand on the bar, which immediately caught Cosmo’s attention.

“Mr. Neame, what can I get for you, Sir?” asked a well put-together young man, forever eager to please.

“Highland Park 40, Mr. Cosmo.”

The drink was poured into a glass that had been lightly chilled.

“Could I get you some water to go with your Whiskey, Sir?”

“Hmm,” smirked Rex before savouring the warm smell of his drink, “You have been picking things up quickly over the past 4 months, Cosmo.”

“Thank you, Sir.” Cosmo bowed his head in Neame’s direction.

“And no to the water. One first needs to build up a thirst. Seeing a woman in action, that’ll wet my whistle,” he said as he eyed the two Playgirl’s walking towards him. Both with long dark curled hair down to their hips.

“Now, let me guess,” Mr. Neame looked at the less fuller of the pair, “you’re Aive.”

The young women nodded in his direction. He is a man whom oozes power and flair. Aive tried to suppress a smile.

“Thank you, Keiko, that will be all for now,” he smiled and gestured to Aive to approach him, “you have been chiselled from the Eastern Bloc into a raw diamond: A true wonder!” His eyes beamed. He took her by the hands and looked in Cosmo’s direction.

“What would you give to be with a woman like this, Cosmo?”

“Anything… I mean everything, I mean…”

“I’d kill, too… Good! Mr. Cosmo, dial Andre over at the Club and ask him to send your cover over, immediately,” Mr. Neame’s expression hardened, “one requires your assistance.”


Heading out of the lift into the underbelly of the establishment, Mr. Neame, Cosmo, and Aive walked towards a dimly-lit doorway. A single twist and push led them into a large, half furnished room.

“Take a seat, Aive,” Neame glanced to a thigh-high cabinet next to a dog-eared ruby chesterfield, “Cosmo, pour four drinks, would you.”

Cosmo’s eyes roamed the room: “Four?”

But before an answer was mustered, there was a knock on an unseen door. From the darkness, a fine slice of blue neon proceeded what looked to be a man who struggled to handle himself. The smell of urine bleached the air.

“Ah! Our guest,” heralded Mr. Neame, “take a rest over there,” pointing to a bed that was suddenly illuminated.

Cosmo caught sight of a bath tub, just a few feet from the bed, and what he believed were tool boxes against the nearest wall. The man, who appeared to sleep on the streets, sauntered over to the white sheeted Queen size bed, before grabbing at what was on a side table and forcing it into his mouth. He devoured it and spread a vast amount of crumbs all over himself.

“Good,” said Mr. Neame, “now, you know I promised you a shot at the big earners, Aive?”

“Yes, Mr. Neame?” Aive said with a vibrancy only the eager-to-please youth could give.

“Well, we all must start at the bottom…” He let his words work their way around the room.

Aive glanced at the tramp and then back. The words wouldn’t come.

“So. Go over there in your fucking glitzy bunny-suit and your small tits and lick that cunts arse until it’s nice and clean!” The man began waving his left hand to dismiss the notion.

“DO AS I SAY!!!” Mr. Neame grabbed her by the hair and forced her to walk to the bath. He smashed her face off of the edge of it and let her roll onto the floor, before forcing the tramp on to the bed. Cosmo sat watching. Silently.

“Get up, wannabe, and take his soiled jeans off!” He said with a grim smile on his face. Aive stumbled but managed to get to her feet.

“And you,” he looked towards the tramp, “don’t interfere! Cosmo, bring over our drinks.”

Cosmo did so on autopilot. He soon snapped back to reality as Neame butted the tramps skull with an empty tumbler, rendering him motionless. Neame pulled out a Swiss Army knife and aggressively worked away at the man’s jeans and his browned briefs, then faced Aive.

‘Will I have to have him and his friends come back tomorrow and gang rape you, whilst I film it?” Neame slid his index finger along the blade.

Aive got on the bed, on her knees, and stared at the caked arsehole. But, with one sudden movement, Neame smothered her face and let her inhale the cloths contents.

“Aive, you need to relax!”

The tramp came to his senses, rolled over, and Neame coaxed Aive to work his limp dick. Now in the land of rainbows, her mouth enveloped his pocked shaft. The tramp writhed in pleasure and it didn’t take long before Aive was being coaxed to take him inside of her. Neame helped the tramps hard and crooked member into Aive’s moist clean shaven pussy, by ripping a hole in her bunny-suit.

Aive rhythmically rode him whilst Neame took pictures on his mobile with one hand, rubbing himself, in his pocket, with the other. After a minute to two, Neame could sense the tramp was going to cum, making him stop. He watched him explode into her, grasping at the bedsheets with his grubby hands, mumbling in pleasure.

After a few moments, Neame slowly rolled Aive on to the bed, tore what remained of her lower suit off, and watched as the hot semen slowly oozed out of her. Neame frantically unzipped and pulled hard on himself. He paused, moved over next to the tramp, and pressed one knee on to his throat.

As the tramp’s mouth opened, Neame rampantly whacked away hard before jerking a few thick white globules into his gaping mouth. Neame then rose from the bed, pulling his trousers up.

“Give me a hand, Cosmo. This fellow requires a bath.”


Still spasming in his trousers, Neame, with the help of Cosmo, lowered the glistening and now naked tramp into the bath.

“Now, for water”, Neame said as he reached for a hose, connected to a tap, next to the tools. Cosmo noticed, as Neame came back, that he had a large dark stain on his crotch.

The water began to pour over the tramps body. Cosmo could feel the heat that rose from it.

“That’s it, feel yourself relax,” Neame smiled at the tramp, who looked half-dead. Aive began to rise from the bed, smelling her fingers.

“Yes, just in time,” Said Neame as he ushered Aive to join them, “let’s show this poor shit-stain how we cleanse around here.” He brandished the knife and, grabbing the tramps right hand, hacked at his wrist. The hollow howl that came from him was enough to make Cosmo cover his own mouth, for fear of screaming.

“Are you hollow, you sorry excuse for a being?!” Neame slammed the arm onto the tramps chest, which shot water over the onlookers.

Neame repeated the act on the other arm, but with an anger that terrified Cosmo.

“A round of drinks, would you?” Neame looked at Cosmo, vacantly.

“Sh..Sure, Mr. Neame,” he couldn’t take his eyes off of the scene but he also didn’t want to upset his host.

Cosmo walked towards the drinks cabinet and attempted to pour four… “No, three whisky’s.” Cosmo threw back a shot before he replenished the glasses. Meanwhile, Neame began rolling a finger around Aive’s mouth as she played with the tramp, in the bath.

“You were quick, Cosmo. Let’s just hope he is as quick bleeding out!”

After a brief chuckle from Neame, and a spaced out smile from Aive, the tramp tried to call out.

“Hah! I bet he’s trying to beg for change!”

Cosmo suppressed a laugh. Neame reached for the knife and barged Aive out of the way.

“It’s all about giving with you people, isn’t it! Well, now it’s time to give something back!”

Neame reached into the water. He grabbed the tramps dick and began to lop it off.

“HOLD HIM!” raged Neame.

Cosmo ran around the back of the tramp and forced his shoulders down. The water frothed crimson. Neame raised his trophy aloft, before kissing it.

After regaining his breath, an air of calm swept across Neame: “Don’t you just love masochism!”

Cosmo was on his knees; spent. Aive was kneeling in behind him, playing with his nipples.

“Aive, why don’t you have another drink?” Neame filled his tumbler up with the contents of the bath and helped her guzzle it down.

“Now, Cosmo, are you going to play?”

Cosmo still couldn’t talk as he saw something threaten to come from under the skin of Neame’s face: A black ant-type face but with angular lines. Android? Alien? Amphibious? Then everything went black.


Cosmo awoke, on the bed. His trousers down but his briefs still on, albeit sodden. He raised his right hand to his face, to rub his eyes, but the tangy smell stopped him in his tracks. His face flushed.

“Cosmo, don’t be embarrassed. In fact, it was the reaction I was hoping for.”

Neame was sat on a chair facing the bed, smoking a slim cigar.

“Aive?” Croaked Cosmo.

“Oh, don’t worry about her. She’s still with the fairies, and by the time she comes back to reality, she’ll weigh up the nights events and then kill herself. Nothing to worry about, Cosmo. Another runaway from some far off land who simply disappears.”

Cosmo, began to wipe his hand on the bed and nodded in approval.

“Now, I believe you have had enough excitement for one evening… We’ll talk more, soon. So, think you can make it out of the building without causing any curiosity?”

“Uhm.. yes, I.. yes, Sir.”

“Marvvvvelous!” Neame practically jumped off of the chair.

“And our guest won’t ever have happened. In fact, you can see this as a clean-up operation: The dirt is taken from our streets and recycled into what our guests upstairs will be dining upon tomorrow night!”

Cosmo hauled himself up and began to follow Neame, looking in Aive’s direction. He could see everything she had had to offer, as she lay half slumped against the bath in a pool of watered down blood.

Neame called the lift, looked at Cosmo and held a most infectious smile. Cosmo reciprocated and found his eye’ were locked with Neame’s. The lift pinged and they both entered.

“2nd floor for me, Cosmo. I need to freshen up.”

“Of course, Mr. Neame.”

“Good, and don’t forget the Sir.”

“Sorry, Mr. Neame, Sir.”


The lift halted at ground level and Neame half-blocked Cosmo’s exit.

“You have my trust, Cosmo, but you need to earn our trust,” Neame held out a clenched fist towards Cosmo, “Make sure you put it on ice as soon as you get home. You’ll know what to do with it.”

About the Author:  Darren deToni is a writer for Lazerdiscs Records and Drive Radio who is branching out into the world of fiction writing. Follow him on Facebook!


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