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This post is for the book worms (and the book dragons!)

If you read books faster than you can earn money to buy them, I have a gift for you…

How to find FREE and Discount Books at!

There are almost always free and discount book promotions going on around the web. There are many sites dedicated to just this service. But if you don’t want to hunt them down yourself, I’m offering a new feature right here which you might be interested in!

I have a new page called the Free Book Bonanza! This is where I will be linking all the free and discount book promotions that I come across (and participate in). There will be a section for FREE books, Kindle Unlimited books, and deeply discounted books for all your bargain hunting needs.

You can find the link to the Free Book Bonanza in the drop down menu. It will be updated regularly so all the deals found on that page will be currently running with the dates clearly marked.

Check it out!

Why not head over and let me know what you think? Which genres would you like to see represented here? Do you prefer FREE books (usually requires signing up to the author’s mailing list), Kindle Unlimited books, or discounted books?

Let me know in the comments!

5 thoughts on “New Feature at

    1. I can’t either. I buy them much faster than I can read them πŸ˜… But there are a lot of super readers out there! I have folks on my mailing list who read a book a day!

      1. What? a book a day! I’m in two minds about that, on the one hand that sounds awesome but the other a huge amount of hard work! lol

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