Dirty Deeds call for Dirty Dames…

There are only two more days until the release of my new cyber noir detective novel Tropical Punch!

To celebrate, I’m giving away Dames for Hire, a prequel novella to the Bubbles in Space series.

Bubbles Marlowe is one of my favourite characters I’ve ever written. She’s tough, snarky, and most important of all (to me!) she’s sober! Bubbles is the first sober character I’ve written since I quit drinking three years ago, and I didn’t realize until I started how much I needed to write her.

I’ve long been a fan of hard-boiled detective novels and noir stylings, but these books, many of which were written during and just after prohibition, are steeped in alcohol.

It’s a tradition that has been carried forward into modern detective novels, too. It seems impossible to find a private-eye who doesn’t evade past trauma by diving into the bottom of a bottle. Worse are the novels that glamourize alcohol abuse in such a way that it makes it seem that our heroes thrive because of their addiction rather than in spite of it.

Don’t get me wrong. I still love me some Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett.

But I wanted something else, too. I wanted to write a character who reflected not only my own struggles with alcohol, but my freedom from it. I wanted a character who proved you can be sober and a badass!

So here it is…

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Dirty jobs call for dirty dames.

But this is a bit much…

After a suspicious accident costs her a career, an arm, and nearly her life, Bubbles Marlowe needs all the help she can get.

When a friend asks her to do a little dirty work on the side, Bubbles isn’t prepared for just how dirty it’s going to get.

An arrogant scientist, a young heiress, a gambling king pin, and a few too many hired guns…

Can Bubbles finish the case before it finishes her?

HoloCity’s femme fatales are out in full force in this cybernoir detective thriller.

And these dames don’t mess around.

You’ll love Dames for Hire because it’s got glitter and grit, mystery and hard-boiled badassery.

6 thoughts on “Dirty Deeds call for Dirty Dames…

  1. I agree with you on the ubiquitous use of alcohol by characters in books and other media. It’s very discouraging and limiting in terms of character and plot development.
    Congratulations on taking a different path both in your life and your writing.

    1. Thanks! Hopefully there are a few others out there who might appreciate it too.

  2. I preordered mine. Just waiting patiently… I have also been developing a character with a prosthetic arm. I think she’ll be a minor character, but she has possibilities. I wrote a male with a prosthetic years ago that I quite liked.

    1. Thank you! Some of my ARC readers found some typos but I was too late to upload the file before the pre-order window closed. So I’m going to try to do that tomorrow. You might have to do an update 😂 this is my first time doing a pre-order and my timeline was a bit messed up. Live and learn!

        1. It’s a bit frustrating. I’m going to stick with it for this series and then see how I feel about continuing with it. I do like having a hard deadline, but I need a bit more practice to determine when I need to have each step complete in order to meet it.

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