The holiday season is fast approaching, and chances are there is a bookworm on your list that is proving troublesome to buy for. Yes, books are always a great gift idea. But it’s impossible to know what they’ve read and what they haven’t without spoiling the surprise.

Besides, most book lovers have a TBR pile that is longer than their expected life-span. New books can be a bitter sweet gift to receive for the overwhelmed reader.

So, what else do you get for the bookworm in your life?

I’ll be doing a short gift guide series for everyone who is doing their shopping online this year. And we’re going to start with independent sellers because a) we want to support as many creative business owners as we can, and b) hand-made gifts can take longer to ship!

Today, I’ve collected some of my favourite bookish gifts from independent sellers on Etsy to make your gift buying a little easier this year.

#1 Bookish Bracelet

“She is too fond of books and it has turned her brain.” Louisa May Alcott quote bracelet from Jezebel Charms

This delightful bracelet with a quote from Louisa May Alcott’s semi-autobiographical novel Work: A Story of Experience is something any book-loving ladies in your life will appreciate. While the scene in the story from which this quote has been pulled is actually quite tragic: Christie Devon falls asleep reading by candlelight, accidently sets fire to her attic room, and is subsequently fired by her cantankerous employers. Yet the forbidden nature of reading as a woman remains a thing to be embraced by modern readers. Check out Jezebel Charms Etsy shop for more bookish jewelry and other fun quotes!

#2 Book Dragon T-Shirt

“I’m a book dragon, not a worm.” T-shirt from Koala Tee Clothing

Perhaps the bookish person in your life is much too voracious a reader to consider themselves a mere bookworm. If you know a book dragon, check out this cool unisex t-shirt from Koala Tee Clothing!

#3a Personalized Leather Bookmark

This beautiful, personalized leather bookmark is available from Anise Leathers.

Unless your reader is a spine-cracking, dog-earring misfit, they probably love bookmarks. A personalized leather bookmark is a great gift idea for any classically minded bookworm. Anise Leathers has a wonderful selection to choose from!

#3b Personalized Wire Bookmark

A stunning personalized wire bookmark from By Kauri.

If leather is not your thing, but you still love the idea of a classic, personalized bookmark check out By Kauri. This shop has a gorgeous selection of wire bookmark creations–from names and quotes, to cute kitties and mermaids–to suit your bookworm’s personality.

#4 Bool-Lover’s Face Mask

How about a bookish face mask for the readers and teachers on your holiday list? This fun, fitted mask is from EmiberbShop on Etsy.

It’s the break-out fashion accessory we never saw coming! This 2020 Holiday Buying Guide would not be complete without a stylish book themed facemask. EmiberbShop on Etsy has many fun, fitted mask designs to choose from.

#5 Bookworm Art Print

This beautiful bookworm print by artist Jorey Hurley will be a great addition to any reading nook!

Readers always have a special place they like to read best of all. Maybe it’s their bedroom, or a cozy book nook, or even a personal library! Help your bookworm add a little dazzle to their reading space with this beautiful art print by Jorey Hurley, sure to brighten up any space!

#6 Handknit Wool Socks

Cozy handknit socks are a great gift for everyone on your list, not just the readers! These beauties are from Agnes Felt in Lithuania

Personally, I think there is no greater winter gift than handknit wool socks. Readers especially will appreciate the warmth of foot cozies to protect against the inevitable frozen toes caused by an epic read-in session. Bundle up your favourite reader with a good book and warm toes, and maybe you’ll see them again in the spring time! These lovely socks are from Lithuanian fiber artist, Agnes Felt.

#7 Reading Planner

A reading journal and planner for the dedicated book worm, from StellaBookishArt.

Serious bookworms know that the only way to tackle the TBR pile in earnest is to make a plan and stick to it. If you have a truly dedicated reader on your list this holiday season, consider getting them a reading journal in which they can plan their literary adventures and reflect upon their reading in one place. This beautiful design is from StellaBookishArt.

#8 Literary Candles

Do you know someone who loves candles and books? Why not buy a book-themed scented candle for that special person on your list? Wonderland is from BookishlyUK on Etsy.

Candles are one of the most inviting additions to the winter holiday home. There is something undeniably romantic about reading by candlelight, eye-strain and potential housefires notwithstanding. There are a million candles to choose from, and giving a candle as a gift can seem to be a bit of a last-minute “I didn’t know what else to get” kind of gift. But a literary themed candle based on your bookworm’s favourite book is both charming and thoughtful! BookishlyUK has many classic-themed bookish candles to choose from.

#9 Bookish Mugs

“Go Away, I’m reading” mug by Mirkwood Scribes.

Coffee or tea? No matter what your bookworm is drinking, it is guaranteed to taste better in a bookish mug. “Go away, I’m reading” mugs (and some more colourful varieties on the theme) are very popular amongst the booknerd crowd. Mirkwood Scribes has a variety of great mugs and other merch to choose from.

#10 Book Lamp

This wooden covered, folding book lamp would be a wonderful addition to any book nook! From Artesania Maderas

There is something delightful about a reading lamp disguised as a book. This beautiful, handmade lamp has a folding wooden cover and paper pages lit from within by an LED light. It would make a whimsical addition to any bedroom or book nook! This piece is from Spanish artisan Artesania Maderas.


I hope this guide has helped you to find some unique gift ideas for the readers on your list this year. If the particular pieces I’ve chosen don’t appeal to you or your bookworm, fear not! There are literally thousands of handmade bookish gifts available from independent sellers on Etsy.

Please consider buying your gifts from creative businesses this season. 2020 has been difficult for everyone. Buying a handmade gift is sure to please not only the recipient of your present, but is guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of an artist or artisan who may be struggling this year.

Do you have a favourite bookish item you think others would love? Let me know in the comments!

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