This is an interesting perspective on the careers of Bestselling authors who fall victim to One-Hit-Wonder syndrome. I wonder if the pressure to recreate that first success, either from their publishers or in their own heads, contributes to creative stagnation. Independent authors have an advantage here, I think, in that we have the freedom to keep trying until we find our groove, collecting readers along the way. The steadily prolific writers are the ones I look up to more so than the chart toppers. What do you think?

The world changed when Twilight was published on October 5, 2005.

Not so much with Midnight Sun, August 4, 2020.

I was obsessed with the Twilight series when it first came out in the middle of the aughts (or the 00’s) decade. SO romantic! SO exciting. I started the first chapter at the bookstore and read it all the way to the cash register. I read and reread all four books, watched the movies, and even read the leaked draft of Midnight Sun which Meyer put on her website after it was shared online against her wishes.

Then, like many book series, movies, video games, and music that I am absolutely obsessed with, it faded. Most of my other media loves continue to burn but pre-Midnight Sun, I knew I had outgrown Twilight as a reader.

I don’t like it when people criticize what others read, especially…

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