A brief editing update

Hello all,

I’ve been busy busy these last few week. Editing is hard work! So far I’ve already trimmed 8000 words from my original MS (which was a beastly 146,742 words!). I’m only on page 160 of my edited text (approx. 185 of the original) with another 350 or so to go. I anticipate being able to cut at least 12,000 total. I’m hoping for 20,000 (but I’ll have to be really aggressive to make this goal… can I do it?) which would bring me back into optimal first novel length for agents and publishers. I have two small publishing companies that are waiting to read my edited text, with one being quite promising. There are also a couple of agents I will be re-submitting to once this is done. So I have high hopes for my new, improved Timekeepers’ War. Hopefully what I end up with is more commercially viable! Is anyone interested in seeing the next two chapters? I’d love to have some extra feedback on my first 30 pages or so… Thanks for reading,

2 thoughts on “A brief editing update

  1. I would be very honoured to read for you. would you have hard copy for your edited version I could read?

    1. Not for the whole thing yet. But I can give you the first few chapters to get started. I appreciate your offer, DF! It’s probably not your style at all, I know you don’t read a lot of Sci-Fi. But your eyes might catch things that fans of the genre would not. I posted Chapter One a couple of weeks ago, if you want to give that a shot for now. If you think you want to read more I’ll print the first 100 pages for you. Thanks again!

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