Publishing Update (or not)

Well, I realize I haven’t said much in the last couple of weeks about my adventures in publishing. And it’s not that I don’t like you anymore, it’s just that literally nothing has changed. Which is probably a good thing, since I no longer have the urge to scour my inbox for rejection letters every 30 seconds; I can get on with my life.

It’s funny (funny strange, not funny haha, unless you’re cruel and unusual) how I saw so many responses within the first couple of weeks and now nothing. Then again, except for one agent and one writer friend, those responses were all form rejections. And Granted, they all warned me that they could take the obligatory 6-8 weeks to get back to me. But I didn’t actually believe that I would have to wait. That warning is for all of the bad novelists, right? Definitely not for me.

Forget about the rejections. They mean nothing.

So in the meantime, I’m going to write some book reviews and I’ll try to post a bit of my short-fiction stuff here as well. I’ve also started a little offshoot blog called Hai-choo! where I’ll be posting photos and poetry, and little bits of images and imagery that catch my fancy. So check that out too, if you get a moment. I often write longer posts than I intend to, so for those of you who don’t have time to read one of my rants–we can hang out on your coffee break at Hai-choo!.

Thank you all for your continued support and interest. And don’t be afraid to comment!

3 thoughts on “Publishing Update (or not)

  1. do not fear my dear, all will be well! in the words of Neal David Walsh
    “Nothing has to happen immediately, this minute, or “right now.” It’s okay to pause for just a moment. Just take a breath. Then go quietly inside. Ask Life Itself to lead you to your best outcome.”
    I hope I see you this weekend, but I bet you off on some BC adventure! Love df

  2. Thanks DF! As usual, you know just what to say to keep me grounded 🙂 I’m not off to BC this weekend, but I do have a babyshower to attend on Saturday. Phil’s working on the motorbike, and I was going to plant sunflowers around my deck with my mom. You’re welcome to join us!

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